I Love Shoes

I love shoes....let me say that again....I LOVE shoes! My favorite shoe store is Payless Shoes. I can usually find what I am looking for and the price is reasonable. I would rather have quantity over quality. I don't even wear most of the shoes that I have very often. I just like having them. Kind of like trophies, or jewelry for other women. I love shoes! I can go into a shoe store and browse for hours. I can look at shoes for every member of my family. It is relaxing for me. It is kind of like a hobby of mine. So imagine my aggravation when my favorite shoe store implemented a new policy for their employees to "greet"  and "help" the customers frequently. Now I can not even enter the store without having someone up my butt the whole time I am in there! It is really annoying. I am a grown woman and I know how to buy a pair of shoes for me and my family without assistance. If I do need assistance, I know how to go to the register and ask for it!!!!!! But every 3-5 minutes someone is walking up to me and asking "are  you still ok?"....."do you need help?"....."can I help you find something?".....and the answer that I give them is always NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am considering drafting a letter to hand them when I walk into the store that states.....

To Whom It May Concern:
I will not be needing assistance today in browsing your store, or purchasing your merchandise. Please do not ruin my shopping experience today by continuously bugging me and asking me questions and following me around your store. Sometimes I just like to stand and look at the shoes in the isle and ponder which outfit I have in my closet that they would match. Please do not mistake my pause for confusion and interpret my lingering to mean that I am inviting you to offer your assistance. I realize that the head idiots in your company have instructed you to ask me dumb questions so that I will not feel neglected. However, the transparent attempts to fake your way into an instant trust with me will not make me want to buy your shoes. I came into your store to possibly buy shoes, and your fake smile that Mr. CEO told you to give me will not make me buy more, and if, by chance, I do actually need assistance, I know how to ask!!!!!
I thank you in advance for LEAVING ME ALONE!
Ms. Shoe Lover

August 11th, 2011 by admin

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