Etiquette on the radio!

….listening to the radio today on my way to work I was almost shocked to hear how easily the morning radio jocks let the words, hell, damn, God, and pissed-off come out of their mouths. Of course these words wouldn’t shock me if I were standing in an adult social setting, and you might catch one of those words (excluding God) coming out of my mouth. Maybe it is my own personal background that makes me uneasy when listening to these people, or the training that I received when I went to broadcasting school, but none the less I don’t think that it is acceptable behavior for anyone when you don’t know who is listening in on your conversation. Lets face it, there could have been a few thousand children on their way to daycare, in the car with their parents and now they all know that….”you get pissed-off when some hot girl won’t smile back at you”….or “what the hell was I thinking?”…, I guess I feel that this just shows a lack of intelligence. If you can’t get your point across without adding a swear word for effect, then you are probably too stupid to be on the radio spreading your other tidbits of ignorance to the general population. Its not really a moral issue for me, but I certainly see where it would be for the conservatives of the world.

When I started in the broadcasting field years ago I was told of the seven dirty words that you can’t say on the air. I quickly made note to myself that if I was going to use words to make a living, I would need to increase my vocabulary to find interesting and entertaining ways to get my point across without using a swear word if I wanted to be successful AND keep a job on the air. Although the FCC sets the standards for what words are acceptable, most people give credit to the late great George Carlin for his stand-up bit about this issue…and although I think his shtick on the subject is hilarious, I also maintain that I would never watch a George Carlin stand-up routine with my small children. At least most of television’s basic cable/free stations would never play this during the hours that small children should be awake anyway, so that takes the parenting decision away from me and the other guardians that might not have the common sense to turn the channel when their 6 year old is sitting on the couch with them absorbing every word like a sponge so that he can repeat what he heard the next day on the bus….and then your following day is spent sitting in the all too familiar seat in the principal’s office, only this time you are being shamed for your kid’s behavior because of your bad parenting skills, instead of your own bone-head childish behavior…but I digress! Please read the Wikipedia article about George Carlin’s insights on this issue. I believe it is an important part of broadcasting history and entertaining too!

The world is changing. I am glad that we are becoming more tolerant and everyone is free to express themselves and their opinions (just don’t get cocky and think you can talk about your political views in another country if they are not popular because then no one will respect you or forgive you for it. Just ask Natalie Maines….but that is another issue for another blog)….so if you wonder why today’s youth is disrespectful, improper, and unruly then maybe you should look at the examples they are exposed to in their every day life. Such as, the guy on the radio, or the waitress at Denny’s. Its easy to dismiss celebrities, entertainers, and athletes when they are inappropriate because its easy to explain that they are spoiled and over indulged. I actually welcome Paris Hilton’s wacky behavior into my home to use as an educational tool for my teenage girls. It doesn’t take much to see how ridiculous her behavior is and we all know how and why she is rich and famous. She should just get a tattoo on her forehead that says THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW YOU SHOULDN’T BEHAVE!But that would be too obvious. I like for my kids to think for themselves. I think that if they come to the obvious conclusion alone then it will have more impact. Basically, I am just leading the horse to water….he will figure out that he is there to get a drink, and the next time I won’t have to lead him again. He will automatically know what he is expected to do….he has learned by example. Not his busy body mother yelling more rules at him. Lets face it, your kid wants to listen to his peers, or the hobo on the street more than you!

Getting back to the idiot on the radio this morning….I won’t be listening to him again, because I now know that he doesn’t have anything intelligent to say, and even if he does, he can’t think of an intelligent way to say it without using a swear word. It certainly proves that he has a small vocabulary for someone that uses words and talks for a living! I think that, just like the world is relaxing, so is the FCC. This morning radio personality obviously doesn’t feel the threat of big brother (or his mommy) enough to make him watch his words in mixed company. I am almost 40 years old and I am still afraid of my mother…just so ya know!  I know better than to act and speak in public the same way I do when I am kickin’ it with my Homies at the club in my hood…and so do you!!….note, I don’t really have Homies at the club but I thought it sounded more hip than to say I was giggling with my goofy girlfriends at the Applebee’s in my neighborhood! We could make this blog about religion, politics, America, freedom, prayer in school, parenting, and many other great debatable subjects…but I believe this boils down to proper etiquette in public even if you don’t have kids. I know that this isn’t 1922 and everyone gets a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette In Society for their thirteen birthday. But come on!!!! You know how to act!!!!

July 14th, 2011 by admin

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